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Rehab and Additions

IBI provides full support for every construction project from beginning to end. Our clients have come to depend on us for their construction needs, big and small. Our attention to detail and expertise can bring any building project to realization. An IBI project manager is available during the entire construction process to ensure timelines are met and the work is of the highest quality. Constant communication is one way we live up to our motto “Headache free,” and we will provide updates and detailed picture reports as the job progresses and at the completion of the job. We understand not just our costs of doing business but yours as well. For example the lost rent revenue for every day it remains un-rentable, or the added rent for an upgrade/remodeled unit that helps to pay for the renovation costs. Or the wasted time your staff needs to handle contractor or resident issues that come up if your contractor does not care or understand the delicate balance of working around neighbors and their homes. This is why we strive to eliminate all downtime and to shorten the actually start to finish of a rehabilitation or remodel without sacrificing quality.


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"IBI’s services exceeded by far my expectations, I would recommend them to anyone."

"IBI’s services exceeded by far my expectations."

"IBI’s services exceeded by far my expectations. I would recommend"